TravelVu – a new way to perform travel surveys

    TravelVu is a new way to collect data for travel surveys based on collection of GPS data through smartphones. This new method allows the collection of new types of data, and offers better trip precision compared to traditional survey methods

    Travelvu app

    TravelVu collects data for travel surveys using individuals’ mobile phones. By using the technology that is available in today’s smartphones, and advanced software algorithms, TravelVu registers trips and activities between trips.

    Combining technology and people

    For every part of the trip chain, TravelVu collects information on time, trip/activity, length, speed and route. The user checks the analysis, and adjusts as required before confirming that the trips are correct at the end of the day. TravelVu today automatically detects seven modes, and the user can further choose ten other modes. TravelVu remembers activities that have been input by the user, after the user has input the activity the first time they have been at a location. The user gets a clear picture of the trips that have been taken, and at the same time gets a summary of their travel over the past day, week or month.

    New possibilities for analysis

    TravelVu is developed with user-friendliness at its core, and gives boundless possibilities in terms of analysis of travel behaviour. Better precision in terms of e.g. distance and time coupled with geographical information give many possibilities for more detailed and geographical analyses. Maps can show how the transport system is used by different modes and groups, and analyses of waiting times within the public transport system are some examples of the new possibilities that arise. TravelVu is available for both iPhone and Android.

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    More information

    TRavelVu can be downloaded on Google Play or App Store. To test it you need a log-in: contact one of the TRavelVU developers if you are interested:

    Emeli Adell

    Affärsutveckling, gruppchef

    010-456 56 22





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