About Trivector

    Understand the future first

    Trivector Traffic offers consulting services, research and development in the field of  transport and mobility. We primarily work on analysing transport systems with the aim of making them more efficient, safe, and environmentally sustainable. We can help you develop transport and mobility solutions for a sustainable future – a more efficient transport system in all parts.

    Part of the Trivector Group

    Trivector Traffic is part of the Trivector Group. The other two companies in the Trivector Group are:

    Trivector System. They develop, sell and maintain IT systems for public transport. This includes systems for digital signage at bus stops, train stations and tram lines, as well as in-vehicle systems and real-time traffic management systems.

    Trivector LogiQ. They offer consulting services, research and training within the management area. The primary aims are to improve process management, logistics and quality, enabling companies and other organisations to more readily achieve their goals and attain better results for a given investment of effort and resources.