Company culture

    Founded by researchers

    Trivector Traffic was founded by researchers from Lund University and the Lund Institute of Technology.
    Our background has strongly affected the way in which we work as well as our corporate culture. It has resulted in a blend of scientific methodology, an interest in topics of scientific interest, and the creativity and practical orientation required for consulting work.

    Seriousity, creativity and commitment

    We are guided by our core values: seriousity, creativity, and commitment. These values form a true guide to action and a source of inspiration, rather than empty slogans.

    We are a learning organisation since we have a burning interest to be just that. This is also shown by the many courses and the large number of seminars and webbinars we conduct, as well as in the many research projects which we have been involved in, funded by Vinnova (the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems), the EU, Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) and many other financiers.

    Knowledge gives us a head start

    In practical terms, the knowledge and experience we have gives us a head start on our competitors, an advantage we pass on to our customers.