International courses on Future transport systems and Cycling

Meetings & ideas

Trivector have received co-funding from Climate-KIC to jointly develop two professional education courses. The courses will be held in 2019, with one focusing on cycling and the other on future transport systems.

How to deal with the future? (course on future transport systems)

This course will be about how to manage the introduction of transport innovations from a public authority perspective. What mechanisms exist to test innovation, how can we evaluate the benefits of something that hasn’t been implemented yet, and what can public authorities do to support private companies in developing their innovations? This focuses very much on issues of governance and policy and understanding the role of the local authority in leading development in the right direction.

The course will bring together a group of experts from academia, industry, public authorities working on this topic, and the idea is to have a format with a mix of study visits, workshops and seminars.

Active learning for cycling

The idea for this course builds on the experience from many years of cycling expertise gained in Trivector. It aims to support those working with cycling planning and cycling innovations in realising increased cycling.

The course will consist of cycling tours, workshops and seminars and will have a strong focus on practical elements as well as exchange between participants. We will focus on challenge-based learning, getting particpants to work together in identifying problems and solving them as a group activity. The course will consist of cycling tours but in a format that is most suited for the learning outcomes: e.g. it is not always best to learn about cycling methods if you follow someone around in a group, and a great deal can be learnt by getting people to discover cycling by themselves. How can this then be applied in the local context? How can you get your local politicians to cycle in their city and understand what are the practical impacts of “years of car-centric planning” on cycling?

As we develop the courses with Climate-KIC, we are keen to get feedback about interests for the courses on the European level. Both courses will be held in English and held in 2019. If you have any ideas or would like to be involved, get in touch!

More information

Contact for cycling course: Kristoffer Levin

Contact for future transport systems course: Anna Clark