Sustainable transport

    Lunds spårväg - ett exempel på framtidssäkrad samhällsplanering.

    New white paper: The rail bonus exists

    Our latest white paper about the rail bonus is now available for download. The rail bonus can be defined as the effect of tram or train traffic that does not occur with equivalent investments in buses, provided...

    Sustainable transport
    siluett av stadsbild stockholm

    How to increase the use of carshare

    We need to use society's and nature's resources efficiently to achieve our climate goals. Carshare programs are a good example of how we can make resource-efficient use of the car's functionality without owning...

    Sustainable transport
    Chalmers mobilitetsplan

    Create a campus mobility plan in six steps

    Finally, many campuses once again are filled with life and motion after the pandemic. But this also has implications for campus mobility that need to be considered. To meet this issue, we have put together a ha...

    Sustainable transport

    Bikeable City kicks off with focus on students and patients

    Today, the Bikeable City initiative is entering a new phase. Now Skälbyskolan in Järfälla and Skapaskolan in Huddinge will start working actively for increased daily exercise with the help of Bikeable City's pa...

    Sustainable transport
    Lena Smidfelt Rosqvist

    Trivector Traffic becomes employee-owned

    Just before Christmas, a group of employees who had been with Trivector Traffic for several years bought Trivector Traffic from the founders. This shift has from the start been part of the founders' vision for ...

    Sustainable transport
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