Create a campus mobility plan in six steps

Sustainable transport

Finally, many campuses once again are filled with life and motion after the pandemic. But this also has implications for campus mobility that need to be considered. To meet this issue, we have put together a handy and useful guide for cities and universities who want to develop a campus mobility plan, a tool for planning of more sustainable and space efficient transportation. A well implemented campus mobility plan can contribute to a more attractive campus, better accessibility, higher-density area, lower carbon emissions, and healthier staff and students.

Chalmers mobilitetsplan

Most university cities are delighted to see their universities grow, attracting more students, more researchers, more employees, and more visitors. Less popular are the traffic congestions and parking problems which often accompany growing organisations.

Since many university cities share the struggle, we have made a six-step guide for developing a campus mobility plan. The overall aim with the guidance is to increase the implementation of qualitative mobility plans around universities which will contribute to more sustainable cities, especially where there are challenges related to transportation.

Important steps and useful tools

The guidance lists six important steps for creating a campus mobility plan. It also gives tools for data gathering, communication and interaction, how to involve students and how to use the knowledge and engagement from local researchers and faculties. As a bonus, the guidance gives local spotlights on different Nordic campuses for inspiration and useful tips.

The guidance has been financed by EIT Climate KIC and the responsible author is Trivector Traffic. Several universities and property organisations in the Nordic countries have been involved in the creation of the guidance including: Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Helsinki University (Finland), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), Technical University of Denmark (Denmark), Chalmers fastigheter (Sweden), Akademiska Hus (Sweden).

More information

Read the Campus mobility plan guidance (in English) or contact Rasmus Sundberg, 020-456 56 45 or Pernilla Hyllenius, 010-456 56 07.