Cycling is increasing rapidly – shows cycling account from Region Stockholm

Sustainable transport

In just one year, cycling as a mode of transport in Stockholm County has increased from 7 to 10 percent of all trips. This is the largest increase observed since 2014, according to the Regional Cycling Account for 2020.

Cyklister på cykelbana, alla cyklar i samma riktning

The corona pandemic had a major impact on travel within Stockholm County in 2020. Bicycle trips increased while trips by car and public transport decreased.

Regional Cycling Goal

Region Stockholm’s goal is for 20 percent of trips within the county to be made by bicycle by 2030. To achieve this goal, the region will work on expanding the regional bicycle network, improving winter maintenance with the help of road salting, and implementing various bicycle promotion measures.

On behalf of Region Stockholm, Trivector Traffic has followed up on the implementation of the regional cycling plan for Stockholm County. The follow-up shows that a lot of bicycle promotion measures have been implemented in the region during the year.

Various types of bicycle promotion measures

The standard has been improved on 22 km of the regional cycling network, mainly in the city of Stockholm and in Södertälje. In addition, the road authorities have decided on measures on an additional 87 km of the cycle path network.

400 kilometers of the cycle path network have been maintained in winter with road salting in 2020. This includes the process of bemusing away snow and ice from the bike lane and adding a layer of salt to prevents slipping. The method provides bare ground conditions on the bike path all year round.

Almost all municipalities in the county have worked with bicycle promotion measures. Several municipalities have expanded or improved bicycle parking in connection with public transport and other important places. Others have invested in rental bikes and bicycle fixing stations. Several municipalities have also carried out campaigns for increased cycling.

The follow-up of the cycle plan is reported in the regional cycling account.

More information

If you want to know more about the bicycle financial statements, contact Anna-Klara Ahlmér, Trivector.

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