Bikeable City kicks off with focus on students and patients

Sustainable transport

Today, the Bikeable City initiative is entering a new phase. Now Skälbyskolan in Järfälla and Skapaskolan in Huddinge will start working actively for increased daily exercise with the help of Bikeable City's partial solutions. At the same time, Region Stockholm is starting to write prescriptions for physical activity.


Bikeable City is a unique collaboration for increased daily exercise. Seventeen organizations, ranging from universities, schools, construction companies, consultants and associations, work actively to improve public health by encouraging increased daily exercise in various ways. Bikeable City is now testing its five sub-solutions in real life.

Testing five sub-solutions

The schools will use one or more of the solutions such as the Bike train app (which involves guardians taking turns cycling with the students to school and keeping track of the schedule with the help of an app), Traffic check (which measures traffic at the school and encourages increased cycling) and Active Mobility Fund (which is about providing opportunities for residents to influence the local area).

Health care providers have recently started using the sub-solution physical activity on prescription. Training of health care providers has started and physical activity on prescription has begun to be implemented using the Bikeable cities support “bike key”. The fifth sub-solution is about improving accessibility for cyclists by building wooden bicycle bridges. During the spring, those in Järfälla municipality will study the possibility of implementing wooden bicycle bridges to overcome physical barriers.

During the spring, we are also developing a diagnostic tool that can point out where in a municipality the Bikeable City concept is needed and what additional efforts linked to urban planning can be implemented.

Future application in more locations

How well the activities work, how they are perceived, and what result they lead to will be evaluated in the autumn. The plan is then to develop and expand the Bikeable City project so that the concept can be used in more locations. Bikeable City is financed by Vinnova and Trivector Traffic is leading the work.

More information

Read more about the initiative on or contact the main project manager Christian Dymén, 010-456 56 77.

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