How to increase the use of carshare

Sustainable transport

We need to use society's and nature's resources efficiently to achieve our climate goals. Carshare programs are a good example of how we can make resource-efficient use of the car's functionality without owning our own vehicle. But even though the concept has been around for a long time, the use of carshare is low in relation to the use of private cars.

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In development project SuSMo (Sustainable Shared Mobility), Trivector Traffic and the City of Stockholm have jointly investigated how real estate carshare programs can operate better and how to increase the use of shared cars.

Newly established carshare programs are linked to flexible parking rates

Within the project, roundtable discussions on vehicle share programs were conducted with participants from the City of Stockholm, the City of Gothenburg, and the City of Malmö. For all three cities, it was highlighted that flexible parking rates are an important factor in creating incentives for carsharing in new construction projects.

Key factors – communication and attracting new customers

The business model should require good communication and that all actors should benefit from high use of the cars – then the carshare program can be operated efficiently and go further economically. In addition to communicating early to potential customers that the carshare program exists and how it works, an important lesson is that there needs to be incentives for all players to attract new customers even after the progrmas are in place.

Coordination of vehicle fleets in larger areas

The issue of coordination within major development projects, sometimes called mobility purchases, is a current question in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The market often requires that one party manages the services and programs available in a certain area and then the question often arises of who takes responsibility of management and overseeing programs? Malmö has chosen to investigate whether the municipality itself can develop an offer that can be ordered by property owners.

More information

Contact Axel Persson, Business Area Manager Urban and Regional Planning, if you want to know more about the project

Read more about conclusions in the report (in swedish).