Temporary measures and pop-up traffic solutions for increased road safety

Sustainable transport

Temporary measures can be used as a tool to create safer and more secure streets for vulnerable road users – and as part of larger road safety initiatives.

Pop-up cykelbana

During the corona pandemic, many large European cities such as Paris, London, Berlin and even Gothenburg have built so-called “pop-up” bike lanes. These temporary solutions are interesting as they provide the opportunity for traffic planners to implement measures quickly and easily without costs associated with long-term planning and construction. In this way, we can quickly test and evaluate new solutions.

Experiences from municipalities that tested

In a new study, funded by the Swedish Transport Administration’s Skyltfonden, we have mapped out different uses for temporary measures and their contribution to traffic safety.

“We have conducted interviews with municipalities that have tested temporary solutions and discussed these with experts. Based on this, we have developed advice for other municipalities that also want to test temporary solutions,” says Kristen Koehler, Trivector Traffic’s project manager.

Temporary measures are currently used for several different purposes:

  • pilot and demonstration projects
  • seasonal measures
  • redistribution of street space in case of temporary situations
  • traffic during the construction phase

The study shows that there are many positive results connected with temporary measures in cities, both in Sweden and in other countries. The report highlights the potential of working with temporary measures as part of road safety work, not least to test new, innovative solutions and to win acceptance for more controversial solutions.

More information

Do you want to know more about how your municipality can work with temporary measures to increase traffic safety? Welcome to contact Kristen Koehler.

Read the report (in swedish).

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