Mobility surveys with TravelVu app in Paris region, Île-de-France

Sustainable transport

Inov360 in partnership with L’Institut Paris Region have conducted the first TravelVu study in a series of tests to be conducted in the Paris region, Île-de-France. This series of studies is an opportunity to test how TravelVu works in a French context and in a large complex city like Paris.

Cyklist i Paris

In February of this year, the first survey round was conducted among 34 participants and the next larger study of circa 100 participants will start in this May. These two preliminary TravelVu surveys combined with a questionnaire to participants about their experience with the app on behalf of Inov360 will allow developers to adapt the survey for a larger roll out to the public in Paris in the autumn 2022.

An opportunity to better knowledge

These studies provide the opportunity to both get better knowledge on how people move about in Paris but also to better adapt the TravelVu app to a larger city’s needs.

‘Paris provides an interesting test location because it poses challenges that we haven’t faced before. The public transport system is so extensive with many bus stops and metro entrances, as well as different types of commuter and regional trains, which makes detecting the mode of transport a much more demanding task for the TravelVu app. We look forward to taking on these challenges and developing solutions that can be tested in this study series and then reapplied to larger cities elsewhere’ says Kristen Koehler, Trivector employee and project leader for the study

Invests in mobility

In the last few years, the Paris region has been investing in the mobility of its residents and tourists by building new infrastructure, testing new solutions and promoting micro-mobility. The city of Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo has driven this campaign with the concept of the ’15-minute city’ – a city in which most daily necessities can be accomplished by either walking or cycling from residents’ homes. These mobility surveys in the Paris region are a part of the greater effort to enhance residents’ abilities to get from A to B in effective way. Researching how the transport system is used can help planners and policy makers take targeted measures and set ambitious, yet reachable goals.

More information

If you want to know more about the study or the TravelVu mobile app visit
Or contact the project leader for the study, Kristen Koehler +46 (0)10-456 56 78.