Transport decarbonisation & COP24

Meetings & ideas

From the 2-14 December 2018, the City of Katowice in Poland will be hosting the 24th Conference of the Parties COP24 – the United Nations Climate Change Conference – which will assess progress and move forward in creating the right international framework for reducing carbon emissions.

There is a need for urgent action in carbon emission reduction to stop catastrophic climate change. For no sector is this more true than the transport sector where it has been particularly tricky to get a handle on CO2 emissions.

We’re staying at home (and saving on transport CO2 emissions), but will keep a close watch on events from the sidelines. Many of our international cooperation partners will be in attendance, not least Climate-KIC in which we at Trivector are engaged as an active partner. Climate-KIC work on the mobility topic primarily within their Urban Transitions theme. Our work with them – particularly in the Nordic countries – includes work on last mile freight and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). How these topics can contribute to decarbonisation of the transport system with experience from the Nordics is the focus of a couple of short articles:

We’ll be following up after COP24 and ensuring that the work that we do continues to support our shift to a carbon-free society.  If you want to find out more on our work on transport decarbonisation, then get in touch!


For more information, please contact Anna Clark.