17 organizations coming together to strengthen bicycle promotion measures

Sustainable transport

The Bikeable City project takes a holistic approach to the issue of bicycle promotion measures at district level. The project brings together widely differing professions and organizations with a common goal; to enable good public health, a sustainable society and a reduced climate impact.

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Studies clearly show that Sweden’s population is moving less and less, with an increased risk of physical and mental illness as a result. Therefore, the potential that lies in biking and walking to school, work and leisure activities should be explored. The goal is for more people to walk and bike and for those who already do it, to do it more and over longer distances.

Five sub-innovations in collaboration

The Bikeable City project has developed 5 sub-innovations that in synergy (wholistic solutions) enable and benefit the growth of travel patterns at district level.

  • Physical activity on prescription through everyday biking
  • Bicycle group app for children’s school and leisure trips
  • Geofencing around schools
  • Wooden bicycle and pedestrian bridges
  • Active mobility fund.

With the help of policy and planning innovations, the project wants to “oil” the three “gears”; the organization, financing and democracy of everyday life as well as infrastructure.

-“The idea is to solve the obstacles to cycling that today’s motor vehicle traffic creates,” says Christian Dymén, traffic consultant at Trivector and project manager for the project.

Tested in municipalities

During the project, the partial innovations will be pilot tested in Järfälla and Huddinge, municipalities in the Stockholm region. The results will then be evaluated, the innovations refined, and then the projects will be repeated in other municipalities.

The Bikeable City project is a collaboration between 17 different organizations, Abitago, Barbarby Science, Bidnerdonethat, Cykelfrämjandet, Generation PEP, IVL, Järfälla municipality, KTH, Linköping University, Living Cities, Martinsons, Moelven, Region Stockholm, Skapaskolan, Skälby pre-school and primary school, Spacecape and Trivector. The project is funded by Vinnova and led by Trivector.

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Read more about the Bikeable City project (english version below the swedish version) or contact Christian Dymén, 010-456 56 77, or Christian Fredricsson, 010-456 56 81.

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