300 fewer cars per day

Sustainable transport

For a while, the parking chaos around the university hospital in Linköping was so bad that there was a risk that operations would have to be cancelled. Angry voices called for “more parking”, but instead the region of Östergötland chose to invest in sustainable transport. Today, there are 300 fewer cars per day that park outside the hospital.

Measures to change commuting

To achieve this, the region of Östergötland took a number of measures. Employees were offered bicycle services, new cycle parking was built, bike pumps were installed and bicycles were purchased so employees could use them for business trips. A number of bus services were altered to match employees working times, and monitors with bus departures were placed in the entrances to the hospital. Additionally, employees had the chance to get “try it out tickets” for public transport, a cooperation between the region of Östergötland, the public transport provider Östgötatrafiken, the Swedish Transport Administration and the municipalities of Linköping and Norrköping.

Reduction in car traffic

Within the whole of the region of Östergötland, employees’ trips by car were reduced by 8 % between 2011-2012 and 2015. For hospital employees, the reduction was 17 %.

– The region of Östergötland, with mobility manager Annelie Frick at the forefront, has done a fantastic job in supporting sustainable travel to and from the hospital. It has been fun for us to be a part of this work, says Pernilla Hyllenius Mattisson, transport consultant at Trivector.

The region continues with its work and implementation of measures, including introduction of parking charges, and to measure and follow up the results. By doing this, they can further improve the motivation for employees to travel more sustainably.

More information

Read more about the mobility plan (in Swedish): grön resplan.

Or contact Pernilla Hyllenius Mattisson, 0046 10-456 56 07.