Climate-KIC course: Future of Transport – How do we deal with it?

Sustainable transport

Are you a transport professional who is interested in understanding how best to deal with the fast-changing urban transport landscape while ensuring the shift towards zero-carbon urban mobility? Then this is the course for you! With a mix of lectures, workshops, site visits and the chance to exchange with peers this EIT Climate-KIC course will provide you with tools and methods that will give practical support in dealing with long-term planning in complexity.

About the course

This course will be about how to manage the introduction of transport innovations from a public authority perspective. What mechanisms exist to test innovation, how can we evaluate the benefits of something that hasn’t been implemented yet, and what can public authorities do to support private companies in developing their innovations? This focuses very much on issues of governance and policy and understanding the role of the local authority in leading development in the right direction.

This course is led by Trivector, but supported by Climate-KIC.


Day 1 – 6th of September, 09:00-18:30 in Lund, SE

  • Common understanding
    Climate change and transport
  • Tools to regulate innovations
    How to steer to follow societal goals
  • Basics of decision making in complexity
    How to see the big picture and make long term decisions in an uncertain future?
  • Co-creation case studies
  • Site-visit

Day 2 – 7th of September, 09:00-16:00 in Lund, SE

  • Transition tool-kit by Climate-KIC
  • Systems perspective
    How do we know that we are going in the right direction?
  • Tools to understand impacts of future innovations
    Lecture by WISE-ACT cost action
  • Build your own toolkit

When and where?

The course takes part in Sweden (Lund), including lectures, workshops and study visits.

6 th of October 2020, Lund, Sweden
7 th of October 2020, Lund, Sweden

Target group

Participants are expected to be people who are involved in implementation of transport systems and in the strategic thinking around future transport systems. This includes:

  • Public authority representatives (local, regional and national levels), particularly strategic planners, innovation managers, digitalization strategists, experts in innovative mobility systems etc.
  • Consultants who work in transport planning and strategy and who work closely with public authorities but also for other clients. Transport consultants can build their knowledge to better provide for their clients.
  • Researchers working in the fields of transport governance, transport innovation, change management.


Our employees Anna Clark and Malin Mårtensson are running the course and others will participate as lecturers.

Welcome to register!

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