Gothenburg and Mölndal get a world-class public bicycle-sharing system

Sustainable transport

A new cycle loan system will be launched in Gothenburg and Mölndal next year which will be one of the most advanced in the world and in many ways unique for Sweden. The new system will be implemented in spring 2020 and the contract continues to 2026.

The residents of Gothenburg like Styr & Ställ (Steer and Park), the public bicycle-sharing system they have had since 2010. But such systems are developing fast and whilst the usage has been high, there are certain aspects that can be improved. The City of Gothenburg and municipality of Mölndal have therefore analysed how the perfect public bicycle-sharing system for Gothenburg could be created, and how soon it can become a reality.

User-friendly and new technology

  • The system is going to have smart bicycles with GPS. The technology will be located with the bicycle and not in the stations. The technology makes it possible to hire the bicycle via an app or with a card directly on the bicycle such that the bicycle can be collected and left anywhere.
  • The system will be station-based with flexibility. The fixed stations for collecting and leaving the bicycles provide a predictability, order and visibility in the city whilst the smart technology in the bicycle means one can leave the bicycle at a station which is already full.
  • The system will not be procured by means of an advertising agreement and instead will be financed through a few different sources of income. That can include user charges, municipality funding, sponsorship, advertising and/or financing with other solutions, such as investment in hardware (stations, bicycle stands, bicycles) or software. The procurement is done through cooperation with Gothenburg and Mölndal, a good example of inter-municipal collaboration.
  • The technology makes possible the integration with public transportation and third-party actors. This means that tickets and subscriptions should be able to be purchased through the same app or that Styr & Ställ can be included in other mobility services (mobility as a service).
  • There will be financial incentives for the suppliers and operators to do a good as possible job during the whole contract period.
  • It will be possible for Gothenburg and Mölndal municipality to follow the GPS-movements of the bicycles which public officials then can use in their urban and transport planning. Some data will even be made available in open API which means that external parties can use the data in digital services.

It is the goal of the new public bicycle loan system to be attractive to both citizens and visitors in the city. The system shall be a given choice for sustainable transport in the city. It shall be reliable, flexible and easy to use. And it shall contribute to the image of Gothenburg and Mölndal as cycle-friendly cities.

More information

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If you wish to know more, please contact Axel Persson, ,010-456 56 26 or Caroline Mattsson, ,010-456 56 43.