New travel analysis possibilities on travel habits with data collection tool TravelVu

Sustainable transport

We have now launched the new version of the application, TravelVu, a data collection tool for gathering of travel survey data via mobile phones. With the help of technology that exists in today’s smart phones and with advanced algorithms in the analysis software, TravelVu can register trips and the activities in between.

TravelVu is developed with user-friendliness in focus and provides unparalleled opportunities for analysis. This new version of TravelVu has been developed with a more user-friendly design, more languages, and new features, such as itinerary editing. Says Emeli Adell from Trivector.

Completely new analysis possibilities

Better precision in, for example, distance and time, as well as geographical information, provides new possibilities for more detailed and geographical analyses. Maps showing how the transport system is used by different modes of transport and groups, analyses of waiting times for public transport within different areas are just some of the possibilities that exist.

Gävle was first with digital travel surveys

The municipality of Gävle in fall of 2018, was the first in Sweden to conduct a large and digital travel survey. Previously they conducted travel surveys with paper surveys, but in 2018 they took the next step to an app-based collection method. Now they have a better glimpse into the reality of their residents’ travel habits.

As long as I am deciding for Gävle, we will be using digital travel surveys. Says Calle Holmström, traffic planner in Gävle municipality.

Based on a combination of technology and people

For every part in the travel journey, TravelVu provides information about time, travel mode/activity, distance, speed, and route. The user reviews the analysis, makes changes where necessary, and approves that the description of the day is correct. Today, TravelVu detects seven different modes of travel automatically, and the user can choose to adjust the mode of travel to twenty additional modes depending on the survey.

More information

Learn more about TravelVu. For more information, contact Emeli Adell, +46 10 456 56 22.