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Scaling Cycling Innovations is a Climate-KIC co-financed project which aims to identify cycling innovations from three leading cycling centres that can be scaled up and implemented elsewhere. The project brings together cycling experts from Copenhagen (Denmark), Malmö (Sweden), and Utrecht (the Netherlands), and is coordinated by the transport consultancy Trivector Traffic (Sweden).

Cycling is still not considered seriously as a transport mode in most European countries, where years of planning in favour of motorised vehicles have made it difficult to fit cycling into the transport landscape. There is however a willingness to increase levels of cycling in cities, and to exchange experience and get inspiring examples of measures that have been implemented in cities with high modal share of cycling.

Looking at Malmö, Copenhagen and Utrecht

The partner cities and region (Malmö, Copenhagen and Region of Utrecht) have high modal share of cycling, and are recognised internationally in terms of cycling. If every city had the same cycling mode share as these cities, this could contribute significantly to decreasing CO2 emissions from the transport sector – achieving up to 26 % of the European transport target for the year 2050. There is a willingness to increase cycling in cities, but many barriers to doing this including lack of knowledge, and lack of understanding of the impacts of measures to communicate to policy makers.

The most promising systemic cycling innovations

The main aim of the project is to identify the most promising systemic cycling innovations from the partner authorities represented in the project that can be scaled internationally. Systemic cycling innovations in this project are measures with the aim to increase cycling mode share, and which are new in the place in which they are implemented and which contribute to a system chance in the local authority. Cycling innovations will be identified in innovation workshops which will be held in each partner city, where partners will try out the cycling infrastructure and participate in workshops. The project will result in a description of innovative cycling measures that can be implemented by the partners within the project, but also cities beyond the project.

More information

For more information, please contact Anna Clark, +46 10 456 56 23 or Caroline Ljungberg, +46 10 456 56 19.

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