Residents of Xplorion housing association receive mobility services through EC2B

Sustainable transport

In just a few weeks, residents will move into LKF's (Lund municipal real estate company) car-free investment Xplorion at Brunnshög. Through the EC2B app, residents get access to a bike share program with several different types of bicycles and a car share program through OurGreenCar. Here there are endless possibilities for convenient, sustainable, and smart everyday travel without the need to own your own car.

Välkommen till Xplorion i Lund

Xplorion is an innovation project focused on climate-smart solutions. The building, the technology, and the way of life are good for the climate, the environment, economy, and healthy lifestyles. The building is designed so that it is easy for residents to make smart mobility choices—for example, the building is designed so that you can take a cargo bike all the way to your door for packing up and unloading. The bicycle garage has a wide entrance with an automatic door and is heated all year round. There are plenty of bicycle spaces, charging options, and even opportunities to wash off bikes.

Bike share and car share programs included

The property’s bike share program is included in the cost of rent and offers electric bicycles, two electrically assisted cargo bicycles, and bicycle carts. The bikes are bookable and can be locked and unlocked easily via the EC2B app. The bike share program is maintained by Klostergårdens bike service, which ensures that the bicycles are always in tip-top shape. Xplorion has an electric car share car from OurGreenCar, where membership is included in the cost of rent residents only pay a user fee for the distance driven.

EC2B will also offer trial meetings for residents, as well as provide opportunities for personal travel coaching.

“We look forward to seeing the residents start using the mobility services,” says Björn Wendle, CEO of EC2B. “Over time, we will add more services, for example, we hope to soon be able to offer sales of digital public transport tickets.”

More information

Björn Wendle, +46 10 456 56 09

Caroline Ljungberg Toulson, +46 10 456 56 19

LKF – Xplorion

The housing association Viva is first to use the EC2B app