Satisfied residents test mobility as a service (Maas) in pilot project

Sustainable transport

For three months, 1,400 tenants in Gothenburg have had the chance to test mobility services via EC2B, a mobile app. Through the app, they have gained access to different types of electric bicycles as well as electric cars and public transport tickets. The project is now being evaluated.

Cyklande hyresgäst på Mandolingatan

By using the EC2B app, the tenants in Poseidon’s properties in Gothenburg have gained access to an electric bicycle pool via Cykelpoolen, an electric car from Kinto Share and public transport tickets via Västtrafik. In addition to the travel services, EC2B has also offered personal travel advice to the residents during the trial period.

Travel in the city without your own car

The pilot project started in October 2020 and has been on-going for several months. The purpose of the Mobility Broker project has been to adapt travel offerings and advice to the specific conditions of the location and create opportunities to travel in the city without owning your own car. To be able to realize the City of Gothenburg’s vision of building more homes quickly and cost-effectively, we need to test new approaches to free up space. Offering simple solutions that make it easier for people to travel in their everyday life without a car has proven to be a success factor.

“If we convert existing parking spaces to other purposes such as housing, the resources are used efficiently while we can create incentives for travellers with other means of transport. If we also offer residents access to mobility services, we increase the conditions for sustainable travel,” says Sara Boije af Gennäs, traffic consultant at Trivector Traffic.

Residents took the opportunity to test

About 70 residents have taken the opportunity to try the mobility services during the trial period.

“I think we could have reached more tenants if we could have been on site and informed about the service. Due to the corona pandemic, we could not. However, the tenants who have tried have been very positive about the project,” says Sara Boije af Gennäs

The project is part of the DenCity research project, which aims to develop innovative solutions for sustainable and surface-efficient passenger and freight transport in dense cities. Participating parties include Framtiden Byggutveckling, Poseidon, RISE and EC2B.

EC2B app is being used by other properties and employers

The EC2B app is used today in the housing company, Riksbyggens in Gothenburg, the housing company, LKF’s newly built apartment building Xplorion in Lund, and by employers at Campus Johanneberg in Gothenburg within the framework of the project MoJo – Mobility Johanneberg.

More information

Read more about EC2B at or contact Sara Boije af Gennäs.

Watch the film about the DenCity project. It has been developed within the framework of Dencity, where EC2B has been the provider of the MaaS service. (The film is in Swedish)