SuSMo – European network studies how shared electric vehicles can support transport decarbonisation

Sustainable transport

Do shared electric scooters help us to achieve our climate goals? Do we need new knowledge and competences to handle the introduction of shared electric vehicles? What role do behaviour change and business models have in supporting systemic change to shared sustainable mobility? The SuSMo project (Sustainable Shared Mobility) will address these questions with representatives from city authorities, public transport organisations and new mobility service providers from across Europe.


SuSMo is a three-year project which addresses the question of shared mobility from a system perspective. The starting point for the project is that sustainable shared mobility services can create a transport system for the future. The project revolves around four workshops during which different agents in the transition can discuss together about the way forward. The first workshop will be held in Brussels in November 2019. The aim of the workshop series is to give decision makers tools and knowledge to better handle the challenges related to shared mobility solutions (electric car sharing, bike-sharing and other types of shared vehicles) to support a decarbonised transport system. Representatives from Stockholm, Sofia, Madrid and Bologna will meet other leading experts of transport and climate.

European network

In order to understand societal needs across Europe, a network is being created as part of SuSMo. The network representatives will together create an understanding of the transport system, its complexity, its contradictions, and what influences it. This to support systemic change towards decarbonized shared urban mobility. Those involved include representatives from city authorities, traditional mobility actors (e.g. public transport) and new arrivals in the transport market (e.g. electric scooter or car-sharing companies). Experts in system change and the sharing economy will also be included in the project.

Transport system for the future

When the SuSMo project is complete, the result will be an understanding of what cities actually need and require to drive the transport system to increased use of shared mobility services. The project will create new tools and guidelines which can support European cities in the transition.

The SuSMo project is coordinated by Cenex, with Trivector as Swedish partner, and is co-financed by EIT Climate-KIC with the Innovation Ecosystems Programme. The project group includes several European partners, both from the public and private sectors. Four European city partners are engaged in the project: Stockholm, Madrid, Bologna and Sofia.

More information about SuSMo

To take part of the results or to talk more about shared mobility, contact Axel Persson, +46 10-456 56 26.