A safe ride with self-driving bus

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Nobina and Helsingborg's pilot test of self-driving buses this September created a lot of interest. A large majority of passengers, 90 %, reported that they felt safe despite the lack of driver and 80 % would have travelled even without a bus conductor present.

A self-driving bus ran on a route between the university Campus and Knutpunkten in Helsingborg this September. A representative from the operator Nobina was present to answer questions about the bus and the technology. Interest from the general public was large and a total of 1703 people travelled on the bus during the 5-day pilot test.

Positive reaction from passengers

Trivector’s evaluation shows that persons of all ages chose to travel with the bus as well as similar numbers of men and women. All age groups felt safe travelling on the bus, except for a handful of people in the oldest age group, over 65 years.

The majority of passengers, 60 %, believe that driverless buses are going to be in cities from 2025. The survey results show a general positive opinion towards self-driving buses and the majority would gladly travel as part of their daily routine with such buses if they were in operation in Helsingborg.

Soon a common sight

Most of the travellers believe that driverless buses are going to be a common sight sometime between 2020 and 2027. The majority, 60 %, of the youngest age category of 17 years and under, believe the change will happen within the next five years. Men were more likely to believe in a quicker adoption of the technology than women.

Many described driverless buses as a good compliment to other parts of the public transport system and a suitable mode of transport in cities where space is often in short supply.

The report (Swedish) can be found here


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