Engage everyone in business process orientation (new book!)

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It is everyone´s participation and the crucial difference in the daily that makes process orientation successful. In other words, everyone must understand and be involved in the process orientation. The brand-new book Dare! Win! – business process orientation for everyone is based on this particular need.

Våga vinn och Dare! Win!

A book with two complementary parts

Dare! Win! was written by Anders Ljungberg (CEO of Trivector LogiQ) and Everth Larsson (Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Engineering at Lunds University). The book is unique in its form as it has two complementary parts.

Throughout the left-hand sides of the book, the reader follows how Emma´s kitchen is founded with great commitment, how the business wins success and experiences growth. The growth, and the challenges that comes with it, drives Emma´s kitchen to increasingly become a more traditional business, and finally to be characterized by most of the inhibitory properties of the function-oriented organisation. A change project is then initiated and together they fight back to reach their conceptual basis (which gave rise to the previous success) but above all, they strive forward towards a well-functioning and engaging process-oriented business.

On the right sides throughout the book, comments and in-depth information is provided for those who want to know more about business development and process orientation.

Use as an inspiration or as practical support

Dare! Win! can be used in several ways, for example:

  • As an inspiration and support for one´s own understanding of what drives businesses to become more process-oriented and how to do so
  • As support for jointly discussing opportunities in one´s own business to create common targets and propose changes
  • As practical support for employees to facilitate active participation in the process orientation of their own operations
  • To consolidate shared values in an already process-oriented business and together identify how the business gets even better.

You can order the book from all major Swedish online bookstores or from Trivector.

More information

For more information, please contact Anders Ljungberg (one of the authors)