Planning for attractive parking – a knowledge bank for parking


The publication “Planning for attractive parking” has been launched. It provides tips and inspiration to municipalities plan for parking.

Pplanera för attraktiv parkering

“Planning for attractive parking” contains parking planning theory mixed with experience and lessons learned. The content was developed partially through three workshops, in which a large group of actors who work with parking planning took part. This includes representatives from the majority of municipalities in region Skåne, Region Skåne, the southern branch of the Swedish Transport Administration as well as various actors from the construction and real estate sectors.

Lack of knowledgde

A key challenge which was identified during the writing process is the widespread lack of knowledge of how parking works and how it affects the entire traffic system.  Many have the notion that a large range of free car parking is necessary for a functioning city, so much so that free parking could almost be considered a human right. This general approach makes it difficult for many municipalities to plan for parking in a way that contribute to policy objectives and targets and in accordance with their general policies and strategies. Instead, the municipalities feel compelled to continue to make requirements on the existing large number of parking spaces, while creating limited opportunities for property owners and builders to work flexibly with these requirements.

Knowledge bank for parking

The purpose of this text is to be used as a knowledge bank for parking for municipalities throughout Sweden, and that parking should be used more often to support municipal policy goals.

Trivector has developed “Planning for attractive parking” on assignment for Region Skåne and with input from four municipalities in Skåne (Burlöv, Helsingborg, Hässleholm, and Sjöbo).

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