How car sharing and property developments can work better together


Trivector and the City of Stockholm are working together in the European development project, SuSMo (Sustainable Shared Mobility) which aims to improve the conditions for sustainable shared mobility. A new report presents results that summarize the experiences of car sharing programs in proximity to property developments in Stockholm.

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Car sharing and proximity

In recent years, many car sharing programs have been established in closer reach of residents by being located directly on-site or in close proximity of property developments through development projects linked to “green parking numbers” or in collaboration with various property owners. The SuSMo project has aimed to map and evaluate the establishment of car sharing programs in proximity of property developments and gain a deeper understanding of how they can be made more attractive.

The importance of collaboration

One of the most important lessons is to form a method for collaboration between property developers and car sharing companies at an early stage and in the establishment phase. An established partnership and agreement on terms of communication with future users helps create better awareness amongst customers of the car sharing program and its functions, thereby providing greater use of the vehicles.

In the operational phase, it will be important to maintain good collaboration between the property owners and car sharing companies. Another need, which is highlighted especially by property developers, is that car sharing programs could be better coordinated between different development projects within a larger area.

Green parking numbers are an important incentive

The evaluation also shows that the City of Stockholm’s green parking numbers have been an important incentive for property developers to include car sharing programs (and other mobility services) already in the planning phase of new urban development projects. The car sharing companies also state that the green parking figures have been an important incentive for the establishment of car sharing solutions in new properties.

Recommendations going forward

The study recommends developing the follow-up of green parking numbers to gain a better understanding of their use. An important recommendation from the SuSMo project is that there is a need for an action plan for shared mobility to accelerate the development of shared mobility services throughout the city.

In the report, we give more advice to property developers, property owners, car sharing companies and municipalities.

More information

Read the full report Fastighetsnära bilpooler (In swedish)

More information about SuSMo.

If you want to know more, contact Axel Persson or Christian Fredricsson at Trivector Traffic, or Helene Carlsson, City of Stockholms.


SuSMo is a three-year Climate KIC project which addresses the question of shared mobility from a system perspective.

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